Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet The Family

If you read my first post, I mention how I am not computer savvy. I meant it! One of the things I know I need to learn is how to get pictures from my camera to the computer and then from the computer onto my blog. So this post is practice for me.

From left to right: Tyler, Becky, Jessica, Dan, Danica

This is my little family. (Please note that I am 27 weeks pregnant. That is why I look so fat swollen.) My husband and I will be celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in a few months. As you can see we have three beautiful children, and number four is on her way. Our son is Tyler, and he just turned 13. Yep! I now officially have a teenager, and already it is like walking a tightrope in the dark! He is a GREAT kid, but I wish they handed you a "Do's and Dont's Of Raising A Teen" book. LOL! He is an excellent student in school, and is on his way to becoming an Eagle Scout. He makes me very  proud. Next we have our daughter Danica. (No, she is not named after the racecar driver. Can you tell I get that a lot?) She will be 6 soon, and is about to finish kindergarten. She loves reading, and dancing. Next is our little Jessica. She will be 4 next month, but she can't wait until she is 5 because then she gets to go to school like her big brother and sister. She is our more reserved child, but secretly she wants to be the "star". These two girls keep their father and I laughing all the time!  We don't have a name picked out for our baby yet, but we do know that it will be a girl. (Poor Tyler.)  We are all excited about meeting her soon. My husband is Dan, and he is just about the easiest guy to get along with that you will ever meet. He is a big Lakers fan, and his favorite band is Oingo Boingo. (If any one knows who they are, KUDOS to you!!! YAY!) It does not seem like it has already been 15 years of marriage with him. I guess it is true, time flies when you are having fun. And I have a lot of fun being with him.
And of course, my name is Becky, and I LOVE being a mom. I also enjoy cake decorating, and crafting. I hope to get better at both.
So that is my family in a nutshell. I hope my post wasn't too boring to read. I do have a crafting post coming soon. I am making a thank you gift for Danica's teacher. I am crossing my fingers that it comes out the way I hope. Either way, it will be posted. ;-) Hope to see you back here soon!


  1. Hooray!! So happy to have you in blogland. You are one of the absolutely sweetest, talented women I know!!

  2. You are so awesome Jaime!!! But I don't think I hold a candle to you. I love your blog! Thanks for the warm welcome, and I may be picking your brain every now and then. LOL!